You don't use the same apparatus in the Wildland; Why use the same lights?

When traditional firefighting meets off-road, your job not only gets more demanding, but more dangerous. TOMAR offer unique solutions used by local and federal agencies to provide more reliable, more capable lighting when you need it the most.  With TOMAR’s Wildland Packages, you can turn virtually every red or blue warning light into what you need most in the brush…powerful white light.

How are TOMAR Lights Different?

Every light TOMAR manufacturers is sealed from air, moisture, and dust through a TOMAR-Patented Vibration-Weld.  This means no lights TOMAR manufactures need rubber or silicon gaskets to seal them.  This is a significant increase to reliability, and decrease in costs both initially and over the life of the apparatus.

Next, TOMAR’s Optics are more efficient.  We employ custom designs which make more effective use of the LED’s Lumens.  It also means putting the light where it’s meant to go.  Learn how we do this here.

Finally, TOMAR delivers lights that not only meet NFPA requirements, but work as hard as you do.  When flashing warning lights are no longer needed, such as remote, wild-land environments, TOMAR warning lights can double as bright, effective, additional work or scene lights.

Type 3 Wildland Package Example:

Package Example Contents:

What Wildland Departments Are Saying About TOMAR

Mardera County, CalFire

How Does My Department Spec TOMAR?

TOMAR works directly with every Fire Apparatus OEM to provide full light and siren packages designed to your specifications. In most cases, TOMAR can increase light output, reliability, and safety, while reducing costs. And because we manufacture our solutions right here in Gilbert, Arizona, our packages are built in weeks; not months.