Emergency scenes usually include first-responders, with industry-leading performance warning equipment. Sometimes, an emergency scene doesn’t include a first-responder, and the tow vehicle is the only means of safety, relief, and visibility.

As an operator of a tow truck or wrecker, you are exposed to the same traffic hazards first-responders face when adjacent to the highway, or even on it. That’s why TOMAR offers the same rugged, reliable, and powerful warning and illumination equipment for the Towing Industry that we offer first responders.

TOMAR Scorpion or Black Widow Light Bars can be mounted on a roof or headache-rack, with rear-facing, down-angled scene lights to illuminate the bed of your truck. Individually and hermetically-sealed LED modules make servicing or repair simple. And TOMAR’s Clear Vision Optics means you can be seen before it’s too late. Bright perimeter lighting from TOMAR RECT or iLED series light-heads provide warning, illumination, or a combination of both.

We take towing seriously, just like you do, and we stand behind you to make your job safer.


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