Revolution Series

TOMAR Revolution series really is a revolution in emergency vehicle lighting. With the ability to not only provide dual color but also dual function lights to a standard NFPA package, TOMAR has raised the lighting bar to the next level. While others may make dual and tri-color warning lights, TOMAR‘s unique and patented hermetically sealed, Clear Vision Optics (CVO) provide the light exactly where you need it for the safest environment around the emergency vehicle. Whether you are responding to a call, blocking the roadway, or illuminating a scene, TOMAR’s Revolution Warning and Illumination power is unrivaled in the industry. With the combination of incredible pricing and a five-year warranty, while also being manufactured in Arizona, TOMAR is the clear choice for your next apparatus build.


Illumination Series

TOMAR‘s award-winning Revolution Illumination  Series is the most cutting edge scene light on the market and takes the guesswork out of lighting up your scene. In addition to all of the standard features of TOMAR’s Revolution series, the efficient Clear Vision Optic system produces more usable light and optimized performance from each lumen. To help demonstrate this, we put the TOMAR illumination series against some of the leading competitors 7 x 9“ tilt down scene lights which cost over twice as much. From above, you can see the Tomar Revolution Series’ uncompromising performance. By combining this type of efficient performance with TOMAR‘s patented vibration welding sealing process, your department gets long lasting reliable performance with less electrical strain to the vehicle. Combined with a 5-year warranty and assembled in Gilbert, Arizona, TOMAR’s Revolution Illumination lights are the clear choice for your next build.


TOMAR‘s award-winning Revolution Warning Series is the most innovative warning light on the market. In addition to all the state-of-the-art features found in the award-winning Revolution Series, TOMAR’s clear vision optics offer a unique advantage in a NFPA or EMS/Triple K warning package. By focusing the lumens away from the emergency vehicle and further down the road, the result is increased visibility to motorists and reduced night blindness and eyestrain for first responders working directly around the vehicle. This is accomplished by focusing the lumens in a horizontal plane, and eliminating stray vertical warning light. Emergency warning lights should be seen from a distance, and not focused up close.  TOMAR Revolution Warning Series lights are available in single, dual, and tri-color configurations, and can be equipped with either SAE or European ECE65 optics. Because even the dual and tri-color lights are SAE compliant, any warning light can transform into an addition scene light, no matter where it is. This combination of technology is unlike anything the industry has ever seen before for NFPA or EMS/Triple K compliant warning packages. This is why the revolution series has continued to win awards since its release.


TOMAR’s Revolution Multi-Function (mfR) Series is your choice when it comes to incredible warning performance and optimized scene lighting, in one rugged, reliable, package. The TOMAR Revolution Multi-Function Series starts with all the cutting edge, award-winning technology and features found in the Revolution Warning and Illumination Series, then steps up to the next level by bringing them together. A single light head brings our fully dual-color capable, SAE compliant NFPA or EMS/triple K warning light and combines it with a high-intensity, tilt-down LED scene light.  The result is incredible performance which exceeds all standards from both the warning and scene light function individually.  By combining the warning and scene light into one lamp, TOMAR gives you one more way to clear up real estate, reduce maintenance, and lower costs on your next apparatus build. Click to learn more or Contact TOMAR today.