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The TOMAR Custom Division develops and delivers cutting-edge solutions for audible, visual, and infrared illumination and warning needs to meet your unique requirements. TOMAR Custom can bring into existence any project as requested to your specifications, in one of three different ways:

MODIFY – TOMAR Custom Division can modify an existing TOMAR product to meet a specification.
INTEGRATE – Existing TOMAR components can be integrated as building blocks into your existing product.
CREATE – Leverage TOMAR intellectual property, design capability, and manufacturing expertise to create a completely new solution.

TOMAR Custom Division draws on over 50 years of experience to provide excellence to all types of customers alike; and at no charge with an executed production commitment. TOMAR Custom Division is your choice for a solution that will outshine and outlast the rest.

TOMAR Custom excels at working closely with OEM partners throughout the product realization process to create and manufacture the perfect solution for their applications.

We create unique solutions using our expertise in OpticalMechanical, Thermal, Electrical, and Software development.

With this focused, multidisciplinary approach TOMAR Custom adds value to any product offering from the simplest light to the most complex system or integration need. Let TOMAR Custom help your product outshine the rest!

Custom Project Inquiries

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Custom OEM Products



Code Blue, a company that manufactures emergency communication kiosks for parking facilities and other public places, approached TOMAR to develop a glowing blue light that calls attention to the kiosk at night. When the kiosk’s phone is used to contact law enforcement, the blue light flashes to draw the responding officer to the call location.

TOMAR originally designed and manufactured a version of the product utilizing fluorescent and xenon strobe technology. In 2007, the electrical, mechanical, thermal, and optical design was converted to LED technology and UL listing was obtained. Since the recent LED conversion, approximately 6,500 units have been shipped on a reliable just-in-time basis.


TOMAR designed and manufactures a custom power supply and strobe lamp assembly for a new more stylish vehicle for a major US material handling machinery manufacturer. The design work included the electrical, mechanical, and optical design as well as obtaining and maintaining UL component recognition.

Originally based on gaseous discharge light sources, TOMAR proactively helped move our partner to an LED based, drop-in solution, as technology changes led to a more economical and profitable solution for all partners.

Over this multi-decade partnership, TOMAR has designed several new solutions and delivered over a quarter million devices providing reliable day-in and day-out, just-in-time supply of electronic and mechanical modules to a vehicle OEM.

TOMAR developed a The R14-DECEL® light, a patented deceleration sensing LED alert light that operates independent of the vehicles braking system. The R14-DECEL uses a 3 axis linear accelerometer as an inertia sensor to continuously monitor a vehicles acceleration and will activate when a reduction in forward velocity occurs. Once equilibrium has been achieved, the light deactivates. The design, which holds several innovative design patents, is based on the well-established RECT-14LS emergency warning light and integrates deceleration technology developed by VTRCORP.

VTRCORP was a company with patented software technology looking for a suitable LED light to complete the product. They were introduced to our RECT-14 product through a TOMAR distributor. They liked the quality and performance of the RECT-14 and thought that combining our light and their software would be a perfect for their needs.

A major builder and operator of turn-key video tolling and enforcement installations needed to solve a problem. How to nearly 100% reliably capture diverse vehicle license plates, from all 50 US states, with enough clarity to capture the plate numbers using optical character recognition from a gantry above the roadway, on vehicles traveling up to 120 mph.

TOMAR collaborated with this partner to adapt our proven technology base to the task. A high-speed, powerful, redundant, flash illumination system was designed to permit real-time stop-motion photography of the moving vehicles’ plates. Manufactured in TOMAR’s ISO9001 certified production facility the resultant solution is in service on thousands of lanes of video ETC across America.